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When executives want a project status update, you best make sure that your information is truly up-to-date! iDashboards provides a real-time, in-depth look at your projects, without the need to wade through dozens of spreadsheets or reports.

project management solution

Interactive dashboards can track timelines, budget, and tasks so you can focus on meeting your goals. You can even create customized project management dashboards for each key player, so they can have the answers they need on demand. Did we mention that it’s easy to learn, fun to use and produces stunning graphics including Gantt charts?

iDashboards’ data visualization software is a self-service platform that is specifically designed to help you combine multiple data sources and find the correlations necessary to make critical decisions. You can easily build a custom project management dashboard solution in just a few days – no programming skills required.

Project Management Dashboard
Project Management Dashboards - Sunco Logistics

We were instantly a fan of the product and knew we had to have it for our company’s needs.”

Brad Newman

Special Projects Manager

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Project Management Dashboards- Turn10

We are bombarded with data on a day-to-day basis, and iDashboards has really helped translate it into visual,where you can pick up on things a lot quicker than an Excel spreadsheet. From a resource perspective, it really saves us a lot of hours.”

Donald Acker

Managing Director

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Project Management Dashboards - MSGCU

Information is easy-to-understand for all employees. Up-to-date information speeds reporting, performance management and decision making for all of our managers. Employees are able to see how their department is performing daily.”

Scott Townsend


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Live project management dashboard examples

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