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When executives want a project status update, you need to make sure that your information is truly up-to-date! Project management dashboards help you stay on top of your data, timelines, metrics, and due dates. iDashboards provides a real-time, in-depth look at all the data related to your project planning, without having to sift through dozens of spreadsheets or reports.

Project Dashboard Examples on a desktop

Project dashboard software allows you to track timelines, budgets, and tasks in real-time, so you can focus on meeting your project goals. Project tracking dashboards can be built in minutes, so you can keep curious executives and absent-minded team members in the loop. Project managers can even create custom dashboards for each key player, so they can have the answers they need on demand. Did we mention that it’s easy to learn, fun to use, and offers stunning graph and chart options?

iDashboards’ data visualization software is a self-service platform that is specifically designed to help you combine multiple data sources and find the correlations necessary to make critical decisions. You can easily build a custom project management dashboard solution in just a few days – no programming skills required.

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“Before we integrated iDashboards, we were spending a lot of time manually collecting data with no way to turn those numbers into something measurable. Dashboards have been an exceptional tool for us and the insight that it has given has been critical in streamlining our processes and becoming more efficient in our day-to-day tasks.”

Bobbi Nance Project Manager, Park District of Oak Park

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``It helps to be able to see trends from a bird’s eye view, but also have the option to drill down into more detail and identify specific outliers.``

Erica Rosa Data Project Manager, View Point Health

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``Information is easy-to-understand for all employees. Up-to-date information speeds reporting, performance management and decision making for all of our managers. Employees are able to see how their department is performing daily.”

Scott Townsend CIO, Michigan Schools & Government Credit Union

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