Webinar Connecting to your Data - CData and iDashboards


Join Sean Warren from iDashboards and Jerod Johnson from CData Software as they discuss our new partnership that gives iDashboards customers access to a growing library of over 150 data connectors.

Some included connectors: (see full list here)

  • CRM/Marketing applications like Marketo, Hubspot, and Netsuite
  • ERP/Collaboration applications like Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint, SAP, and ServiceNow
  • NoSQL/Big Data sources like Apache Hive, Google BigQuery, and MongoDB
  • Files/Services like Box, JSON, and XML
  • Accounting applications like QuickBooks (desktop version), Microsoft Dynamics GP, and Sage
  • eCommerce/Finance application like Square, PayPal, and Quandl


  • Introducing Premium Data Connectors
  • How We Connect
  • Why Have Drivers
  • Live Demonstration
  • Getting Started
  • Questions

Watch the Webinar