Additional LicensesTake your dashboards
to the next level

Shareable and secure

Want to get more eyes on your dashboards? With a Public Access License, you can share beautiful and informative dashboards with the world. Publish your dashboards to a website, or your company’s intranet, and viewers can interact with the charts and graphs online – while the back-end data stays secure. When you share metrics with your constituents, clients, and customers, you don't have to say you're committed to transparency: you're showing it.

A laptop and a desktop computer that both have the same dashboard on them because they have a public access license that allows different users to view the same dashboards
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The ultimate transparency tool

Sharing live dashboards proves you don’t just talk about transparency – you commit to it. Public Access dashboards create a culture of openness and make a statement to stakeholders, customers, and employees alike. When your business metrics are available to the public, you win trust, gain accountability, and improve performance.

``Every one of our branch employees can go in every day and see how they are doing compared to their goals and all the other branches. We get 1000 hits a month just on that one dashboard!”

Allan Marmorstein VP of Information Technology, Firstrust Bank

Drive traffic and engagement

When people can engage with your data, they bond with your organization on a whole new level. Public Access dashboards conveniently allow viewers to explore metrics and run reports on their own time from the comfort of their own computer or mobile devices. Back-end data remains secure, while the metrics that matter are shared with an open audience. The Web License also allows for sharing individual charts and graphs that you can embed into your HTML, creating a dynamic and informative experience on any website.

Man working from his home office looking at an online dashboard