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Data blended (not stirred)

iDashboards already connects to all your data sources, and with our Data Hub, prepping that data is a breeze. Mix and match data sources and formats into a single repository, using simple drag-and-drop tools – no coding or programming required.

Beautifully blended

Connecting data points is one thing, but blending data is where Data Hub truly excels. You can easily blend data from different sources or formats like Excel, Access, database servers, text files, web services, and more. But it doesn’t end there – you have access to dozens of helpful data blending tools for even better data consumption.

iDashboards has allowed us to streamline and centralize results data from disparate sources into one place that can be easily accessed by client and agency teams. Data is easily manipulated and transposed.”

Gary Capreol,
Senior Vice President, Director, Media and Analytics, Cronin and Company, LLC

No programming. Repeatable results.

When we say “no programming”, we mean it – even when it comes to the data automation process. Easily create workflows and connections with the flexibility of JDBC drivers. Once the data is configured, you can schedule that workflow to continuously run as often as every few minutes without the need for manual intervention.