Additional LicensesTake your dashboards
to the next level

Custom Branding & Backgrounds

Set your dashboards apart with a custom branding package! Our team of dashboard experts will create a customized dashboard experience for your users that is completely unique. Your company logo, colors, and messaging will be front and center throughout your suite of dashboards, giving your users a personalized experience from the moment they log in. You can also embed your logo directly into the log-in page, static or animated!

``The biggest sell for me was how visually engaging it is. The reality is if you don’t get somebody within the first minute, then you’ve lost them. They’re checked out. They’re on their phone, looking at their emails, or on their laptop, and they’re done.”

Dan Ramia Assistant Dean, University of Maryland College of Agriculture

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White Labeling and Co-Branding

For our OEM and VAR Partners, we offer a range of White Labeling and Co-Branding options. Our team will work with you to develop the perfect branding package, so that you can create the ideal experience for your end users. Present a clean, ideally branded interface, from the URLs to the login screen to the dashboards themselves. Learn more on our Partners page by clicking below.