Additional Services Improve transparency and visibility -
upgrade dashboards for next level benefits

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Wall Display

Upgrade dashboards using iDashboards Wall Display and bring a new level of transparency to your data, encouraging accountability throughout your organization. Before you know it, you’ll be able to:

  • Improve awareness by sharing real-time data with your entire organization
  • Increase engagement by giving employees the ability to see KPIs tied to their work
  • Reach colleagues wherever they are with up-to-date metrics
  • Choose dashboards you want displayed on any monitor or Smart TV & manage virtually

Public Access License

Looking to also get more eyes on your dashboards outside your organization? With a Public Access License, you can share engaging and informative dashboards with the world. To explain more what this looks like, you can:

  • Publish your dashboards to a website or your company’s intranet so viewers can interact with charts online, while your back-end data stays secure
  • Share individual charts and graphs that can embed into HTML to create a dynamic and informative experience
  • Prove your commitment to transparency and accountability by sharing metrics to everyone who matters – clients, customers, or constituents

Satellite Data Hubs

If your organization has multiple locations, we understand data silos can cause substantive issues when trying to make decisions in a timely manner. With iDashboards, you can also install Satellite Data Hubs at each of your sites and securely sync them over the Internet. Doing so will allow your teams to easily share and blend data across offices and create a single source of truth that aligns the entire organization on the same page. Each office will be connected to the same prepared data, whether they’re located in London, Lisbon, or L.A.

Data Hub - A single source of truth

Form Builder

Bring greater simplicity to your data entry processes with the Form Builder that works to reduce data complexities, challenges, and inaccuracies with manual entry.  With this direct integration into iDashboards, you can:

  • Improve efficiency by decreasing current time spent on data entry
  • Maintain effective data governance by ensuring consistency through standardized data fields – String, Dropdown, Boolean, Number, Date
  • Utilize existing database tables and picklists to augment speed to market or design from scratch through easy drag-and-drop
  • Store and submit records for critical operational systems (e.g. timesheets, surveys, IT support tickets, COVID protocol sign-ins)