SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS iDashboards Software Requirements

Enterprise On-Premises System Requirements

iDashboards User Application (Client Side)

The iDashboards User Application provides access through any Web Browser supporting HTML5 and Javascript. Viewing Dashboards on your mobile device or PC with no additional software to install you truly have the ability to take your dashboards with you. 

iDashboards Auto Uploader (Client or Server)

The iDashboards Auto Uploader is an application that allows users to upload excel files to the iDashboards application server. This process and be performed immediately or scheduled for repeated uploads. Minimal System Requirement is Windows 7 or later or Server 2008 R2 or later.  .Net 4 Framework – full profile; along with the corresponding ACE (Access Connectivity Engine); the amount of RAM on the system will directly affect the size of the excel files that can be processed.  

iDashboards Application Server

The web version of iDashboards is a Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Web Application and can be deployed to virtually any J2EE-compliant application server that implements the Servlet (3.0) and JSP (2.2 or later) specifications. The Apache Tomcat (9.x) application server is bundled with iDashboards; however, it can also be deployed to IBM WebSphere, BEA Weblogic, JBoss or a number of other J2EE application servers with the correct Java version (Java 8). Most application servers released since 2014 should meet these requirements. 

Application Server Host Operating System 

The iDashboards application server can be installed on any operating system for which the correct Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is available, including virtual servers. While Windows (2003 or later) is most popular among our users, many clients have installed on Linux or UNIX (such as Solaris or AIX). Mac OS is not supported as the server operating system but is popular for the iDashboards User Application. iDashboards can be deployed on a virtual server. 



iDashboards Repository Database 

Supported repository databases include Microsoft SQL Server (2014 or higher), Oracle (12c or higher), PostgreSQL (9.6 or higher) and MySQL (5.6 or higher). The repository can be deployed on the application server or a separate server that has reliable network connectivity to the application server. Regular backups of the repository database should be performed using the database vendor’s utilities. 

External Data Sources

Some popular examples of databases used to provide chart data include Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2, SAP Sybase, and PostgreSQL; however, any relational database for which JDBC drivers are available can be used. Additionally, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, Salesforce, and many more bundled connections (see connection page for included drivers).  

Hardware Requirements

The following figures are estimates for minimum requirements. The use of the Data Hub will heavily impact the memory consumption of the server. The Data Hub is an in-memory application used to manipulate and modify data. When planning on using for the Data Hub erroring on the side of more memory is beneficial to the performance of the system. Nevertheless, there are numerous outside factors that can affect the performance of iDashboards and cannot be accounted for in suggested hardware requirements. An example outside factors includes available network bandwidth between client and server, the impact of third-party applications installed on the same server as iDashboards, and the ability of external data sources to process and return data in a timely manner. The following estimates assume average usage of iDashboards.