Sharepoint Dashboards From boring spreadsheets to engaging dashboards


SharePoint has become the collaborative foundation for many organizations. iDashboards integrates seamlessly within SharePoint using a Page Viewer Webpart and delivers a best-of-breed solution allowing organizations to embed iDashboards within a local or hosted SharePoint solution. The iDashboards SharePoint integration allows users to create dashboards and collaborate with colleagues.

Behavioral health dashboards

Most organizations do not have a quick at-a-glance view or ready access to the KPIs that are critical to their function. Integrating these metrics within SharePoint as an iDashboards solution will streamline the information gathering process of decision-makers. Dashboards can be converted to a PDF or HTML report or exported to Excel for further analysis.

iDashboards’ data visualization software is a self-service platform that is specifically designed to help you combine multiple data sources and find the correlations necessary to make critical decisions. You can easily build a custom dashboard solution in just a few days – no programming skills required.

Sales Dashboard Example | Sales KPI