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Sure, sales is a numbers game, but what good are numbers if they’re buried in spreadsheets and reports? iDashboards brings your sales metrics to life, combining multiple databases and spreadsheets into a single screen. Create custom dashboards blending Salesforce, other CRMs, Excel and more, revealing critical information about your opportunities. From the board room to the sales floor, every member of your organization can stay on top of critical information with at-a-glance sales dashboards. You’ll gain new insight into your pipeline, conversion rate, trends, and more.


Proven in companies world-wide

“iDashboards has provided us a means to visually display our sales and inventory data to our buyers so they can, in turn, make more informed buying decisions. We have more visibility into our sales, costs, and turn rate, and GMROI at the store, department, class, vendor, buyer and item levels.”

Chad Griffith
Sales & Marketing Manager
Parsons Gifts

“iDashboards is the best tool for data visualization. As business users, we are in full control of the dashboard, reports, KPI building and administration. We have everything we needed along with superior graphics.”

Jason Atwood
Channel Manager
RG Barry

“Now that iDashboards is in place, information is available in an easy-to-understand format for all employees. This straightforward, up-to-date information speeds reporting, performance management and decision-making for all of our managers. With this automation, our employees are able to see how their department is performing on a daily basis.”

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