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As an operations manager, you don’t just wear many hats: you’re monitoring the daily operations of the hat store, tracking the efficiency of the hat factory, optimizing hat logistics and safety… you get the picture! With iDashboards, you can easily create a custom dashboard displaying data from all your different sources. . Visualize the whole scope of your operations at a glance in real time, and drill down into the details that matter. Identify issues before they spin out of control, and quickly communicate with key players to take action when you need to. It’s so easy to create customized dashboards, you may want an operations dashboard for every key player. (Plus, it’s way better than waiting a week for unintelligible spreadsheets or sifting through multiple data outputs.)


Proven in companies world-wide

“With the use of iDashboards, staff and supervisors are able to access real-time information whenever they need it, and can quickly implement new dashboards.”

Shelby Karns
Operations Specialist
Erie County

“We had the data hosting capabilities; we just needed a front end to display data visually and intuitively, iDashboards allows us to do that.”

David Puiades
Chief Operating Officer
Revolve Clothing

“For the first time ever, we are able to view and share real-time data from any of our offices all over the world.”

Scott Hasterlik
Business Systems

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