Manufacturing Dashboards Get a clear picture of your manufacturing operations – in real-time


Inefficiency is the enemy of any manufacturing process. iDashboards uncovers hidden trends and helps you eliminate inefficiencies by combining your data sources and visually displaying it through easily understandable graphics. Manufacturing dashboards are easy to build, customize, and share with key stakeholders at every level, from the plant floor to the board room.

manufacturing dashboard solution

With our interactive manufacturing dashboards, you’ll discover actionable insights with real-time, automated data monitoring. With our easy-to-use dashboard platform, you can create engaging charts and graphs to track key performance indicators like:

  • Materials handling
  • Quality and downtime
  • Safety protocols
  • Productivity results
  • Process flow
  • …and much more

iDashboards software gives you the tools you need to deliver customized manufacturing dashboards and scorecards to all your critical decision-makers: managers, safety auditors, technicians and plant workers. As a self-service dashboard solution, anyone can build a suite of dashboards in just a few days – no programming experience required.

Manufacturing Dashboard Example | Manufacturing KPI
Manufacturing Dashboards - Sleep Innovations

These dashboards have been instrumental in our scrap reduction efforts in our $100 million West Chicago Facility. We are on a current run rate to improve our yield optimization by over $1 million annually.”

Bruce Miller

Vice President of Lean Manufacturing

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For the first time ever, we are able to view and share real-time data from any of our offices all over the world.”

Scott Hasterlik

Business Systems Manager

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Manufacturing Dashboards - McWane Ductile

iDashboards is a true rapid application design tool, aggregating technical data into digital dashboards. Each scorecard tells everyone how they are doing every hour, day and week.”

Norman Rankis

IT Manager

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Live manufacturing dashboard examples

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