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Whether you’re running a private practice, are part of a large firm or are providing legal services within a corporate environment, your emphasis is often on working efficiently, delivering high quality service and generating billable hours. Gathering past data and discovering any valuable insights hidden inside is probably farther down on your priority list.

This is why so many legal firms are turning to iDashboards. It’s designed specifically to be easy to use while still delivering powerful, visually intriguing dashboards. Imagine creating a custom, individualized dashboard for everyone from the senior partners to the billing manager. And doing it in just hours, without a large-scale IT department. Plus, our Enterprise solution means all your data remains on-site, so you can guarantee continued confidentiality.

The easiest way to create legal dashboards

custom dashboards

Easily create custom dashboards

Drag and drop your way to exciting, interactive dashboards. No programming required. Be creative!

data visualization

Deliver compelling visuals

Choose from charts, graphs, maps, lines, histograms, pies, 3D and many more. Give life to your data!

data dashboards

Connect multiple data sources

Mix Excel spreadsheets, CRM databases and more to find hidden insights. Put all your data to work!

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Financial Dashboard
energy dashboard

Consider creating a customized dashboard to communicate these key legal metrics, or personalized dashboards to analyze your own metrics:

  • Billable hours
  • Case completion
  • Client expansion programs
  • Client records
  • Incentive programs

  • Legal associations
  • Office inefficiencies
  • Referrals
  • Return on bonus investments
  • Verdicts

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Proven for dozens of firms

Before iDashboards, important information was available to faculty and staff only through Excel spreadsheets. iDashboards provides more comprehensive data analysis, and the resulting information is compiled into easy-to-understand graphics, which are colorful and visually appealing. Most importantly, it allows ‘non-data’ people to use the information on their own.


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