Insurance Dashboards

Insurance dashboards

Display your agency
performance — in real-time

With online insurance becoming more and more popular, it’s essential that you always have access to actionable, timely information about your customers and your agency’s operations. iDashboards software quickly transforms your data into highly interactive, customizable charts, graphs and scorecards, providing real-time insights for effective decision-making. When timing is everything, count on iDashboards to help.

Combine all your data sources and establish an insurance dashboard solution for:

• Insurance rates
• Policy information
• Claim status
• High-risk assessment
• Loss ratios
• …And much more

The data you can track and display is virtually unlimited. Best of all, iDashboards software gives you the tools you need to deliver real-time, customized insurance dashboards to all your agents and managers – no programming required.


Proven across insurance companies worldwide

“iDashboards is the right tool at the right time, now we can easily customize dashboards. The flexibility of the tool allows us to quickly and accurately portray key performance metrics in a visually rich and easily understandable context.”

Tony Paris,
VP, Information Systems
Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company

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