Academic Edition

Turn classroom experience into boardroom success

It’s a data-driven world, and tomorrow’s leaders are in your classroom. The Academic Edition is designed for professors to teach students how to fully understand the value of data visualization and how it can create impactful decision-making. iDashboards’ free Academic Edition is an easy-to-use dashboard platform that can help professors and their students turn a thesis-worth of statistics into insightful, visually engaging displays.

Request the free Academic Edition for your class now by filling out the form to the right and gain access to hundreds of pre-designed charts, graphs and maps that will have your students prepared to make the jump from upper-level courses to upper-level management.

iDashboards’ Academic Edition is for classroom use only.

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In my Master’s classes, I emphasize that if you want to get into management, you have to get the board of directors’ attention, find the main objectives, research your competition and use services like iDashboards to prove your point through data visualization. It’s amazing when students apply these factors to their final presentation and take on the role as if they were presenting to a real board of directors.”
-Harry Hurley, Professor,
Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota


No Textbooks Required

iDashboards is as simple to learn as it is to implement. In no time, you and your students will be creating (and customizing) visually stunning dashboards, without the help of IT or the need to learn a proprietary programming language.


Support U

Once your program is approved you’ll have access to a webinar video and resources that can help get you started.


Data on the Go

Available as a viewable app for iPads and Android tablets, iDashboards is easy to access from anywhere!