Higher Education Upgrade from ad hoc reports to interactive dashboards


iDashboards greatly reduces ad hoc reporting requests and puts the information your stakeholders need in their hands. You can directly connect to multiple data sources like Excel spreadsheets, iPEDS files, Oracle, MS SQL Server and student information systems (Banner, PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, Colleague, among a variety of others) and more – all in a single dashboard.

higher education dashboards

With our easy-to-use dashboard platform, you can create engaging charts and graphs to track:

  • Strategic planning initiatives
  • Graduation and completion rates
  • Current enrollment and historical trends
  • Budgets, expenditures and program efficiency
  • …and more

iDashboards software is a self-service dashboard solution that can alleviate the stress on IT and IR departments, and help you get a customized dashboard solution in just a few days – no programming skills required.

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Higher Education Dashboard
Higher Ed Dashboards - University of ND

It has changed the way we make decisions. Before iDashboards, we wanted the data to show us why an already-made decision was the right one, now we have decision-making meetings that are guided by what the data is showing us in a dashboard.”

Lori Linderberg

Research Analyst, Office of Strategic Planning & Resource Allocation

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Education Dashboards - UC San Diego

Many departments are gaining new insights from the analytics and visualizations offered by customized dashboards. Managers now see trends more clearly and can identify and understand unique performance drivers.”

Cathy Sweet

Principal Budget Analyst,

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Higher Education Dashboards

By putting the power in the hands of our end users, we were able to move beyond standard reporting practices. iDashboards allows our office to present data to our campus using innovative and eye-catching graphics.”

Tanner Carollo

Assistant Director, Office of Institutional Research

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Live higher education dashboard examples

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