Healthcare Dashboards A healthy dose of data visualization


Healthcare, and healthcare data, is more complicated than ever. Constant changes in government mandates, insurance, EMR, and HIPAA compliance can make it difficult to plan for the future. Your organization’s long-term health, and your patients’ health, may depend on how you stay on top of your data.

Healthcare dashboard reporting on a desktop computer

Embrace the future of data management with automated, real-time healthcare dashboards. Join the numerous healthcare providers who use iDashboards to combine multiple data sources into secure, easy-to-digest healthcare, medical, and hospital dashboards. Visualizing healthcare data can lead to measurable improvements in patient satisfaction, outcomes, and delivery times. Tracking healthcare KPIs like wait times, readmissions, insurance premiums, and more becomes easier than ever – increasing the accountability, transparency and efficiency of your organization.

Dashboards’ data visualization software is a self-service platform that is specifically designed to help you combine multiple data sources and find the correlations necessary to make critical healthcare decisions. You can easily build custom healthcare dashboard solutions in just a few days – no programming skills required.

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Healthcare Dashboard Client Logos

``It helps to be able to see trends from a bird’s eye view, but also have the option to drill down into more detail and identify specific outliers.``

Erica Rosa Data Project Manager, View Point Health

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“We needed a way to visually display data in a fast and understandable manner, with the ability to design internal dashboards at a cost-effective price. iDashboards was able to meet all those needs.”

Lynn Swift Manager of Clinical Information, Southwest Solutions

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“We have an organizational commitment to making strategic initiatives and metrics transparent to front line staff. This is being done by displaying monitors on each medical/surgical unit that utilize the LCD licenses.”

Ryan Grekoff Manger, Logistics Center, St. Joseph Mercy Oakland

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Live healthcare dashboard examples

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