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Transform data into easy-to-build dashboards

Keeping projects on time and on budget is more difficult than ever, especially with so many moving parts to keep track of. You need more than just a KPI platform. With iDashboards, you can quickly and easily create dashboards that provide a clear picture of your operations, displaying your data in colorful charts, graphs and scorecards. The best part is you don’t need to be a computer genius to use it. Give your organization the power to build a brighter future with iDashboards – no hard hat necessary.

The easiest way to create professional dashboards 

custom dashboards

Easily create custom dashboards

Drag and drop your way to exciting, interactive dashboards. No programming required. Be creative!

data visualization

Deliver compelling visuals

Choose from charts, graphs, maps, lines, histograms, pies, 3D and many more. Give life yo your data!

data dashboards

Connect multiple data sources

Mix Excel spreadsheets, CRM databases and more to find hidden insights. Put all your data to work! 

Construction and Engineering Dashboards

Get Your Data Out of the Construction Zone

iDashboards software gives you the tools you need to deliver real-time, customized scorecards to managers, engineers, and all your executives. Easily create dashboards to keep tabs on safety and OSHA compliance, monitor client satisfaction, manage payroll and man-hours, assess budget utilization and ensure your projects stay on time. The data you can track and display is virtually unlimited and you can access it by computer, tablet or smartphone. So whether you’re in the office or out on a site, you’ll have your finger on the pulse of your business.

Construction and engineering dashboards you can build.



We had an overwhelming number of reports available in PDF and Excel formats. While we had a central repository to house them, the amount of time we spent updating, formatting and proofing was overwhelming. We knew there had to be a better answer.

Justin Sato
VP of Financial Management


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