Energy & Utility Dashboards Monitor your energy & utilities data with customized scorecards


In the energy and utility industry, efficiency and profitability go hand-in-hand. The only way to remain efficient is to track every aspect of your operation in real time – that’s why so many industry leaders are turning to iDashboards. Tracking and sharing KPIs with stakeholders at all levels of the organization with intuitive data visualizations reveals areas for optimization and promotes transparency. With iDashboards, you can easily create custom energy dashboards that display data from multiple sources into a single screen, complete with interactive charts and graphs, drilldowns, and compelling graphics.


Our energy and utility dashboard software can process data from multiple sources and help you visually display it – all within a single dashboard. With our easy-to-use dashboard platform, you can create engaging charts and graphs to track energy key performance indicators, like:

  • Utility usage and outages
  • KWh production
  • Plant and field status
  • Supply levels
  • …and more

iDashboards software gives you the tools you need to deliver real-time, customized energy dashboards and utility scorecards to managers, executives, regulators, and customers. Best of all, you can make a customized dashboards solution in just a few days – no programming skills required.

Laptop with energy dashboard
Energy & Utility Dashboard Client Logos

``I wanted something that my boss could take and look at any way he wanted. As cool as I thought iDashboards was when I first saw it, I’m blown away by what it does after we implemented it. This is a software people want to look at.``

Tony Hines IT Admin, Aaron Oil

Live energy & utility dashboard examples

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