Credit Union Dashboards Turn credit union data into decisions


There’s data in your institution – beyond the balance sheet – that can give you a valuable competitive edge. An effective database visualization tool should provide an easy way to compile and present all of your data sources including your CORE, loan software, credit card system, call center solution and more – all within a single dashboard. iDashboards offers data blending, direct data connection, hundreds of chart and graph templates, award-winning customer support, and much more to the credit union industry.

Credit Union key performance indicator examples

Credit Union dashboards help you uncover profitable insights and increase your bottom line by tracking key performance indicators like:

  • Financial statements
  • Member growth and satisfaction
  • Loan information
  • Client ticket information
  • …and more

iDashboards software gives you the tools you need to deliver real-time, customized dashboards and scorecards to managers, tellers, executives and board members. Reduce the amount of ad hoc reporting requests and upgrade to an automated reporting platform that enables you to visualize and consolidate your data– no programming experience required. Give your credit union members another reason to trust your expertise with iDashboards.

Credit Union Dashboard Example

Information is easy-to-understand for all employees. Up-to-date information speeds reporting, performance management and decision making for all of our managers. Employees are able to see how their department is performing daily.”

Scott Townsend


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Credit Union Dashboards - Navy Fed Credit Union

The technology couldn’t be any easier to use and implementation was quick and simple. Now, being able to drill down into a variety of KPIs, we can easily identify alerts and take immediate action.”

John Charles Herzberg

Manager of e-Commerce

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We generate a lot of data that usually appears in columns of numbers over pages and pages. By transforming that information into graphic form, and making it fresh through dynamic updating, we give our managers usable information with little effort.``

Craig Sjoberg

AVP IT & Compliance, The County Federal Credit Union

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Live credit union dashboard examples

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