Behavioral Health Dashboards Easily access your behavioral and mental health data with interactive dashboards


Patient treatment and program data can be complex – even more so when it’s scattered across spreadsheets and multiple reporting systems. With iDashboards, you can connect to an array of data sources, establish greater transparency, and drive integrated care with our centralized data visualization platform. Custom dashboards can revolutionize your healthcare reporting software suite, enabling you to automate data reporting and focus on patient care.

tracking mental health metrics with metal health dashboards

Healthcare data management can be a challenge, but reporting on that data doesn’t have to be. Through interactive charts, graphs and infographics, mental and behavioral health organizations can create custom dashboards to display essential KPIs including – but not limited to:

  • Admissions
  • Average length of stay
  • Re-hospitalization rate
  • Penetration rates
  • Integrated care

Help drive the national progress towards measuring and improving quality care standards with visually impactful and secure dashboards. From administrators, to the general public, and even to the board members of the state, behavioral and mental health dashboards can help everyone draw valuable conclusions at a glance. Custom behavioral health dashboards can be built and used by anyone in your organization – no programming experience required.

monitoring behavioral health metrics with a behavioral health dashboard reporting tool
Behavioral Health Dashboard Client Logos

``We needed a way to visually display data in a fast and understandable manner, with the ability to design internal dashboards at a cost-effective price. iDashboards was able to meet all of those needs.``

Lynn Swift Manager of Clinical Information, Southwest Solutions

Live mental health and behavioral health dashboard examples

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