Agriculture Dashboards

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Be the cream of the crop

With the agricultural industry operating on such slim margins, it’s important for you to spot livestock and crop trends as soon as possible. To make informed decisions, you need to measure a wide variety of data, including crop management, revenues, expenses, weather patterns, consumer prices, taxes and much more. iDashboards not only provides the tools to gather that data, it also empowers you to build dashboards that can help you quickly find relationships within that data, greatly impacting your bottom line. Best of all, there’s no programming or coding needed. So you can stay focused on farming and preparing for the coming years.

The easiest way to create professional dashboards

custom dashboards

Easily create custom dashboards

Drag and drop your way to exciting, interactive dashboards. No programming required. Be creative! 

data visualization

Deliver compelling visuals

Choose from charts, graphs, maps, lines, histograms, pies, 3D and many more. Give life to your data!

data dashboards

Connect multiple datas ources

Mix Excel spreadsheets, CRM databases and more to find hidden insights. Put all your data to work

While we saw some applications with more bells and whistles, iDashboards provided the best set of core tools for the price.

We had an overwhelming number of reports available in PDF and Excel formats. While we had a central repository to house them, the amount of time we spent updating, formatting and proofing was overwhelming. We knew there had to be a better answer.

Consider creating a customized dashboard to communicate these key agricultural metrics, or personalized dashboards to analyze your own metrics:

  • Crop management
  • Crop revenues
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Seasonal production

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