Dashboards for the masses

iDashboards Unlimited Viewers

Deliver interactive dashboards to an unlimited amount of viewers without login credentials. Using iDashboards Web License, you can easily publish real-time information to the internet and intranet pages your audience already visits.

Publish your dashboard

You decide which dashboards to share and where to publish them – all while keeping your backend data secured. Viewers can interact with the dashboards on their own computer or mobile devices to explore trends, filter data, run reports and more.

Data Dashboard Example
iDashboards Technology

Web license applications

As your business metrics become more visible, people will naturally compete to advance their standing in the dashboard – leading to greater accountability and improved performance.

Utilize iDashboards Web License for your:

  • Company intranet

  • College enrollment

  • Performance reports

  • Community outreach

  • Donation tracking

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