Data blending made easy

iDashboards Data Integrator (iDI)

Consolidate and blend data from multiple locations in diverse formats, and transform it into a useful data set. With iDashboards’ Data Integrator (iDI), you can easily mix and match your data sources using simple, drag-and-drop tools – no programming or coding required.

Connect all of your data

Finally, all your data in one place! Create endless connections with the flexibility of ADO.NET data providers and ODBC drivers. Once you’ve processed the data in a workflow, you can write back to those same data sources or configure new ones.

data connection dashboard

Become a data blending master

Connecting to data is one thing, but blending it is where iDI truly excels. You can blend data from different sources or formats like Excel, Access, database servers, text files, web services and more. But it doesn’t end there – you have access to dozens of tools to prep data for consumption. Some of the most popular functions include:

  • Cleanse: Replaces missing or unwanted values with new content
  • Aggregate: Analyzes the data set to find min, max, count, mean, sum, and more
  • DeDup: Finds and filters out duplicates based on given criteria
  • Transform: Creates new columns and performs calculations from existing ones
  • Transpose: Flattens a data set; creates a new column for unique values in a chosen column
  • Reverse Transpose: Regroups data from multiple columns to a single column with multiple rows
  • Merge: Joins two or more inputs into a single output based on matching criteria
  • Share: Save jobs to the Common Jobs folder and everyone can collaborate
data blending

No programming Repeatable results.

When we said “no programming”, we meant it – even when it comes to the data automation process. Once the data is configured, you can schedule that workflow to continuously run as often as every 15 minutes without the need for manual intervention.

Beautifully blended

We understand your data isn’t pretty, but our charts are! Not only can you prepare your data by aggregating, filtering, formatting and extracting new dimensions, but you can also report on it. Sharing PDF, Excel and HTML reports has never been easier!

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