Dashboards that turn heads

iDashboards Wall Display

Transform your walls into centers of information. With iDashboards Display License, you can present real-time dashboards on monitors or TVs through an automated slideshow. Typically displayed in high traffic areas like lobbies, call centers and shop floors, the dashboard displays allow everyone to view their key metrics and quickly act on the data.

Encourage transparency
with interactive displays

iDashboards Display License helps increase transparency and accountability as viewers can immediately see how their performance impacts the company’s goals. Using a touchscreen or mouse, viewers can easily drilldown, pivot and more with the interactive dashboard displays.

Dashboard Wall Display

Display data enterprise-wide

Take your dashboard initiative enterprise-wide! With the addition of iDashboards Display License, you can leverage your existing Enterprise dashboards and data connections or quickly build new dashboards to utilize in your slideshow.

Share dashboards within your:

  • Manufacturing plant
  • Hospital waiting room
  • Call center
  • Front lobby
  • Sales floor
  • Board meetings
  • … And more

How it works

Dashboard displays can be customized to your preference. Pick and choose which dashboards you want to show, the rotation order, and the length of time it appears. Your data remains live and refreshes every cycle so you’re always looking at the most recent information.

Tech specs

  • iDashboards Enterprise
  • Television or Monitor
  • Network access
  • Computer (PC or Mac) such as Mini or stick PC (i.e.Lenovo® Ideacentre Stick or Intel® Compute Stick) **if using a Smart TV, computer may not be necessary
  • Any browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.)

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