PRESS RELEASE iDashboards Unveils COVID-19 Tracker Dashboard

April 7, 2020

Michigan-based software company iDashboards is using their data reporting and visualization platform to keep everyone informed with the latest data on the impact of COVID-19 around the world. They’ve teamed up with various government and health organizations to provide up-to-date information about the number of confirmed cases, mortality, and recovery from the infection.

The World Coronavirus Tracking Dashboard allows users to view data at a world-wide and country level. To interact with this dashboard, visit this link or click on the dashboard below.

The US Coronavirus Tracker measures the impact at a state-level. View confirmed cases, mortality, and number of deaths for the nation as a whole and by state. Anyone can view and interact with US Coronavirus Tracker here or by clicking on the dashboard below.

iDashboards believes that information is power and have made it their mission during this difficult time to keep everyone up-to-date with accurate statistics so we can be better prepared to combat this threat. Per Andrew Gissal, Director of Client Success at iDashboards, “We are working with several health and government organizations in giving them live insights into their data to act and respond; and we stand prepared to help any other organization seeking the power of live information.”

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