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data into decisions

The business solution that meets you where you are, so you can get where you want to be

Built for any professional to succeed, iDashboards personally works with your needs to transform what data means to your business. Employees to enterprise-wide, start gaining real-time value for what matters most with our BI reporting tools. .

Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI)

Allowing you to gain the insights you need now.

Unlock Data

Unlock Data

Connect to any data source

Create Dashboards

Create Dashboards

Unleash the story of your data

Deliver Insights

Deliver Insights

However you engage and stay in-tune

Unlock Data

Unlock Data

Connect to any data source: from anywhere in the business, at any time you need it

Create dashboards with unlimited automated refreshes and number of connections – when we say real-time, we mean it.

Data Connector Icons

We’ll ensure security so you can:

  • Connect live or extract data
  • Support the connections your business needs and industry demands
  • Consolidate multiple sources within a single dashboard
  • Write custom SQL queries with joins, aggregations, filters, and macros

What do you need to blend?

Web Applications? Data Warehouses? Files? CRMs? ERPs?

Combine Sources

Combine Sources

Data Hub

Less time. Less challenges. A built-in ETL tool that gets you up and running.

Time-Saving Data Prep

Integrate, extract and connect disparate sources. Automate manual data tasks.

Regardless of Skill Level

Create dashboards without any coding background – transform, clean, & blend data. Develop workflows, schedule ETL jobs, and run drag-and-drop processes.

For a Single Source of Truth

Manage data to collaborate, share insights, & make decisions across the entire organization.

Transformation Tasks

Automatically modify data types from one to another (string, numbers, datetimes) to rectify illogical data type issues.

Instantly transform address data into mappable latitude and longitude.

Streamline your data transformations by having multiple job variables available to subsequent tasks in work flow.

Easily calculate the duration of time between two dates.

& many others for what you need!

Create Dashboards

Create Dashboards

Unleash the story of your data

Our builder interface was developed with the end result in mind: to scale your business impact. To do so, we guide you with adoptable capabilities for a transformative dashboard development.

Completely customize the functionality of your dashboards & charts

  • Define Data Set & Axes
  • Drilldowns               
  • Chart Type
  • Parameters                                      
  • Colors
  • Reports
  • Chart Properties 
  • Alerts
  • Backgrounds 

Embed other mission critical apps within your chart frame to ensure users have relevant and comprehensive visualizations they need to conduct analysis alongside day-to-day operations.

200 + Chart and Graph Templates

  • Communicate your data in a way that is quick to digest.
  • Find visual aids that correspond to each metric.

Add Value to your Data

  • Pivots, Report Configurations, Live Chart & Dashboard Preview, Search when Designing, Macros
KPI Dashboard Example - Production iDashboards
Deliver Insights

Deliver Insights

However you engage and stay in-tune
Your data will be there

Provide mass viewing on live data and dashboards to impact behaviors in the moment. Easily add monitors in your organization with control from the command center in the admin console.

Bring dashboards to the eyes of the public to share insights beyond your organization. Embed on any web page and keep all back-end data secure.

Your data – anytime, anywhere. Use any mobile device to get on-demand access to your most important metrics. Manage sensitive information through protected viewing with personal logins, SSO and role-based permissions.

View dashboards from your personal desk. Structure user access and viewer capabilities.

Want to see it in action?

What our clients say

Efficiency + Scalability

Respond in the moment with real-time operational intelligence.

When we collaborate, you’re not just getting a software, but a solution that takes pride in your growth, on-site and remote.

Minimized $1M in lost product within 1 year at their facility. 

Logistics and Supply Chain Synergy

Visibility + Transparency

Scalable screen-pricing: Implement from the get-go rather than invest in a full enterprise solution.

Provide those you serve with the accurate data they need for successful business longevity.

“Combining data manually for client QBR’s are a thing of the past”

Native American Logisitics

Accountability + Security

Run custom on-demand or scheduled reports and monitor responsibilities with real-time alerts.

Our Public Access License keeps back-end data secure so you can share with everyone – clients, customers, or constituents.

Our 4-Step Proven Success Plan

Define Dashboard Stakeholders
Define Dashboard Stakeholders
Identify data sources & metrics
Identify data sources & metrics
Storyboard your Dashboard
Storyboard your Dashboard
Go live implementation
Go live implementation