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If you are on a mission to providing data insights within your organization or for your clients, you can count on us as your partner to ensure your success. Much like our 3,000 other customers that we have served over 18+ years, you receive an exceptional customer support besides a cutting-edge business intelligence platform.

iDashboards gives you the power to unravel the insights from your data – using interactive data visualization and analytics. Get intuitive dashboards with drilldowns, connect to different data sources and perform data blending. Also get your custom data entry forms and create data driven performance alerts – all with user-level security and data access permissions.

More than a software - an Operational Success Platform

That helps you turn data into actionable success.

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Any Data

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Any Where

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Increase operational success for your organization

iDashboards is one of the most trusted BI platforms for interactive dashboards and reporting since 2005. You can now begin to measure, manage and monitor your enterprise-wide performance in real-time.

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Custom dashboards and reporting solution for your department or entire organization. Our client success and engineering teams are  committed to your success.

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