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Features created with you (and your data) in mind

Laptop with iDashboards software open and showing all of the dashboard features

Our self-service dashboard software has plenty of useful features that will empower you to create engaging dashboards. Our custom charts and graphs are easy to build, edit, and use, and share. You’ll spend less time sifting through Excel spreadsheets and databases, and more time on analysis and making informed decisions!

“Remarkably intuitive! Its simple interface instantly separates itself.”

Evan Howton,
Financial Analyst, Church of the Highlands

Flex your design muscles

iDashboards chart designer feature animation showing how users can select different colors and chart types

Easily create beautiful dashboards to engage and enlighten your audience – no coding required! Breathe new life into disorganized data with colorful, customizable, and interactive charts and graphs. Include your company logos, images, videos, maps, and more to craft unique dashboard reports and presentations.

“Amazing – it made me feel like a Disney Animator.

Chris Becker,
Director of Implementation & Client Relations, Connexin Software

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Get the run down with drilldowns

Laptop with a dashboard on the screen with an animation of someone interacting with a drilldown feature

Dive headfirst into your data, without drowning in disarray! With a single click, pivot from the overview to the granular details with iDashboards’ intuitive drilldown feature. Users can interact with every layer of data, ask and answer their own questions, and gain clarity to promote understanding and progress.

“Drilldowns allow us to take immediate action.

John Charles Herzberg,
Manager of E-Commerce, Navy Federal Credit Union

Make the connection

Computer screen that shows the different data sources that iDashboards can connect to, including: Google Analytics, Excel, and Salesforce

Finally, all your business metrics in one view! Connect iDashboards with all your data sources, including Excel spreadsheets, SQL databases, and a multitude of cloud applications. You can easily build charts using a mix of data sources in a single dashboard and spot hidden trends at a glance to make more informed decisions.

“We can have views in a single dashboard to multiple databases. It’s very powerful!”

Sandra Bury,
Executive Director of Computing Services, Bradley University

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See the story come together

Animation of a dashboard with gauge charts and stop lights that interact with each other to communicate key relationships in the data

When everything in your data dashboard works together, you see the correlations that matter. With iDashboards’ patented features, charts and graphs with related data interplay and animate – helping you identify key insights and clearly communicate KPIs and metrics. We call it Interactive Intelligence, because it’s just plain smart.

Interactive, user-friendly software with incredible visualization capability.”

Henry Codjoe,
Institutional Research Director, Dalton State University

Results in real-time

Dashboard chart alerts that give you live data updates

The days of outdated reports are over. When you connect your data to iDashboards, charts and graphs automatically update to show the most recent data points. Sync your data sources to pull up-to-date information with our automatic updates. With tools like the Excel Auto Uploader, you can set intervals as quick as 60 seconds to push your data to the cloud and into your online dashboards. iDashboards also has real-time email and text alerts, so you can stay on top of your metrics whenever or wherever you are.

“Administrators have the information they need when they need it, anytime, anywhere.”

Henry Codjoe,
Institutional Research Director, Dalton State University

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Keeping your data secure

Computer with iDashboards on the screen showing secure dashboard user permissions

Protecting your sensitive data is our highest priority. That's why our security and permissions are built in. With role-based permissions, you control which individuals and groups can access, edit or view the dashboards. You can also choose how your dashboards are hosted, behind your own firewall or in our secured Cloud. With iDashboards you can report with confidence, knowing your data is secure.

Highly secured, user-friendly, and has a powerful design interface.”

Ahmad Ali Al Dashti,
Director, Information Technology Department, Dubai Statistics Center

Go further with iDashboards Upgrades

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