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How do I connect to my iDashboards server?
From the ‘Dashboard Login’ screen note the URL at the top of the App. This is the server to which you are attempting to connect. If this is not the correct server tap the silver URL bar. You can then select the iDashboards server you would like to connect to from the list of ‘Saved Server URLs’. Once the URL is select you will be taken to the ‘Dashboard Login’ screen. Supply your iDashboards username and password and tap the ‘Login’ button. Upon supplying proper credentials, you will be able to view the list of Categories that your iDashboards user account has permissions to view. In order to view a different iDashboards server you will need to logout of the current server and select the other server from the list of ‘Saved Server URLs’.

How do I edit or delete a URL?
From the ‘Server URLs’ screen, tap the ‘Edit’ button for the URL in question. To edit the URL, type in the ‘Server URL’ field and tap the ‘Save URL’ button. To delete the URL, tap the ‘Delete URL’ button. To cancel out of the ‘Edit Server URL’ screen tap the ‘Server URLs’ button at the top of the App.

Is there a test server to which I can connect?
After an install, the App comes with the following URL pre-configured using Guest User mode so you may view some sample dashboards.


How do I navigate through iDashboards categories?
There are three buttons at the bottom of the iDashboards App. ‘Home’ takes you to the ‘Dashboard Home’ screen, displaying the server URLs, server version and App build version. You may also log off of the current server by tapping the ‘Logout’ button. ‘Browse’ displays a list of the available categories for your iDashboards login. For the iPad, this will show the ‘Category List’ and the associated ‘Dashboard List’ for the highlighted category. For the iPhone, this will show only the ‘Category List’, and when a category is selected, the list of dashboards will display. After you have selected a dashboard, the ‘Browse’ button at the bottom of the App will return you to the category list. ‘Dashboard’ navigates back to the last selected dashboard, no matter whether you are at the

How do I drill down to another chart or dashboard?
The drilldown functionality is enabled in version 1.3.93 or greater. To drilldown to another chart or dashboard, simply double click on the chart that contains the drilldown.

How do I change a pivot?
A pivot is present when you see the word “Pivots:” at the bottom of the chart. Tapping the ‘Pivots:’ selector will bring up a navigation window with a list of selectable pivots. Tap the axis row to bring up a list of options for that pivot. Adjust the picker view to the pivot you want to select and tap the ‘Select’ button. Once you have selected all of your pivots, tap the ‘Save Pivots’ button at the top of the navigation window. Saving your selection will cause the chart, and all of the charts on that dashboard that contain those pivots to re-render with the relevant data.
Note: This is assuming the charts on the dashboard are set to synchronize pivots.

How do I logout of the App?
Click the ‘Home’ button at the bottom of the App and tap the ‘Logout’ button.

I installed the App, but I can’t connect to my iDashboards server. Why?
The most common reason is that the iPad/iPhone doesn’t have network access to the iDashboards installation. If your iDashboards installation is located on your company’s network, you will most likely need to have your iPad/iPhone connected to that network to access iDashboards. Many organizations have a public Wi-Fi network that is separate from their internal network. Please contact your network administrator for more details. Another possible reason is that you don’t have the correct URL for your iDashboards installation configured in your App. Check with the individuals responsible for the iDashboards installation to get the proper URL. Finally, you need a username/password for your iDashboards installation unless you have a Guest User license for iDashboards, which doesn’t require a user login session.

Why do I get a “Memory Warning”?
You may receive the following warning when working with the iDashboards App:

Memory Warning
Your device has sent this app a memory warning. The active dashboard has been redrawn with zooming disabled. Please close any apps running in the background.

This is due to the number of apps running in the background taking up device memory. This can be alleviated by closing “running” apps. To close apps, double tap the Home button of the device. This will bring up a list of app icons at the bottom of the screen. Long press any one of the app icons until the icons start moving and display a minus symbol in the top left of the icon. Pressing the minus symbol on any of the icons will stop the app. The more apps you stop, the less likely you are to receive the “Memory Warning” error. Tap the Home button twice to return to the normal device functionality.

Can I administer my iDashboards server with the App?
No. The App is not designed for administering an iDashboards server. However, some administrative tasks can be performed on your device through a web browser, such as Safari, by pointing it to the Administrator application of your iDashboards server. You will need administrative privileges to your server to log in and perform these tasks. File uploads are not supported on the iPad/iPhone devices.

What are the known limitations of this initial App release?
Some Enterprise Suite features are not supported, including Analytics, Reports, Alerts and video panels. In addition, the following functionality is not supported in this release: Interactive Intelligence, chart legends, input parameters and advanced chart types. iDashboards is actively working on new releases to remove known limitations.

Why won’t some of my charts display?
This may be due to the use of an unsupported chart type in the current release of the App. Most chart types are supported; however certain advanced chart types are not. If an advanced chart type is used in a dashboard, the data will still display but will be displayed in a basic chart type. For example, a 3D Stacked Area chart will display as a Stacked Area chart.

Are all dashboards on my iDashboards server viewable from this App?
Most will be, but potentially not all. Any dashboards that contain input parameters will display an error message. Also, dashboards that contain certain Enterprise Suite features will display an error (such as video panels). All other dashboards should display, but some may look different when viewed by the App versus a standard web browser. This is due to certain known limitations of this App, at this time. It is recommended that dashboards for viewing by this App be designed and built with the limitations in mind.

For which version of the App is this FAQ written?
This FAQ will always be for the most recent version of the App. Please download the most recent version of the product from the Apple App Store by using the ‘Update’ screen.