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Mobile     iDashboards for iPad FAQs

Why did iDashboards develop this App?
Even though Android devices have supported Adobe Flash, not all devices handle the touch input in the same way. To allow for a uniform experience, iDashboards created an Android-based app. The App is called “iDashboards for Android”.

How do I get the iDashboards for Android App?
The iDashboards for Android App is only available from the Google Play Store. Search for “iDashboards” in the Google Play Store to locate and install the App.

What is needed for the App to work?
Users will need to download and install the ‘iDashboards’ App, this app is available for download from the Google Play Store. Search for “iDashboards” in the Google Play Store to locate and install the App. Users will also need to have an existing iDashboards server installation, or iDashboards Cloud subscription, to which the App can connect. The user’s Android tablet will need to have access to either the Internet (for public-facing instances of iDashboards, including the Cloud offering) or the network on which the iDashboards installation is hosted. The user will also need a valid username and password for their iDashboards server, unless a Guest User license has been deployed on the server.

What versions of Android does the App support?
The App was designed for Android 2.2 or later.

Is the iDashboards for Android App supported on Android-based phones?
No. In order to provide the truly rich dashboarding experience that our customers have come to expect, the App will only be available on Android tablets. The screen size of an Android phone does not allow for proper visualization of iDashboards. Testing and customer feedback from the original iPhone application adds validity to our skepticism about this issue.

How do I add my iDashboards server URL?
At the main screen, tap the ‘Manage URLs’ button, located at the top of the App, to be taken to the server screen. Tap ‘New’, and then type the address of your iDashboards server in the ‘URL’ field. It is not necessary to add “http://” to the URLs, this will automatically be appended to the front of the URL.

If the URL for the iDashboards Server utilizes HTTPS, check the ‘Secure’ checkbox. If you would like to load your favorite dashboard when you launch your session, check the ‘Load favorite dashboard on login?’ checkbox. If you would like to login as a guest user, instead of as an authenticated user, check the ‘Login as a guest user?’ checkbox, and provide the name of the guest user in the ‘Guest username’ field. Tap the ‘Save’ button. You will see the newly added URL in the ‘iDashboards Servers’ list. To cancel out of the add server URLs screen tap the ‘Back’ button at the top of the App.

The URL for a guest user account cannot contain “?guestuser=”, it an only contain the base URL to the iDashboards application server. Guest user accounts cannot be launched in embedded viewer mode with a URL in the form of “/viewer?guestuser=”.

How do I connect to my iDashboards server?
From the main iDashboards screen note the ‘Server URL’ at the top of the App. This is the server to which you are attempting to connect. If this is not the correct server, tap the ‘Server URL’ dropdown. You can then select the iDashboards server you would like to connect to from the list of server URLs. Once the URL is selected, tap the ‘Next’ button in the top right of the App. You will be taken to the login screen. This screen will display the URL you selected and the iDashboards version of the server to which you are connected. Supply your iDashboards username and password. If you prefer to have the App save your username and password for future logins, check the ‘Remember credentials’ checkbox. Tap the ‘Log in’ button in the top right of the App. Upon supplying proper credentials, you will be able to view the list of categories your iDashboards user account has permissions to view. In order to view a different iDashboards server you will need to tap the ‘Log out’ button in the top left of the App and end the current server connection. Then select the other server from the dropdown list ‘Server URL’.

What happens if I try to connect to a URL that is not an iDashboards installation?
You may find that you are able to add a URL that the App will accept; however, when you attempt to navigate to the URL you receive an error message. The error message reads:

The configuration information returned by the server is invalid. Please verify that an iDashboards server is operating at the provided URL.

(Response Code: 404)

If you receive this error message, edit the URL to point to the base URL of the iDashboards application server.

How do I edit or delete a URL?
To edit or delete a URL, first, tap the ‘Manage URL’ button. To edit a URL, tap to select the URL in the ‘iDashboards Servers’ list. This will display the URL in the ‘URL’ field of the ‘Configure Server’ section of the screen. Modify the URL to the desired state and tap the ‘Save’ button to save the URL. To delete the URL, tap to select the URL in the ‘iDashboards Server’ list and then tap the ‘Delete’ button. To cancel out of this screen tap the ‘Back’ button in the top left of the App.

Is there a test server to which I can connect?
After installation, the App comes with the URL below, pre-configured using Guest User mode. This will allow users to view sample dashboards.


How do I navigate through iDashboards categories?
Once logged into the iDashboards server, there will be two sections visible on the screen: ‘Categories’ and ‘Dashboards’. The ‘Categories’ section contains a list of categories that you have access to with the provided login. The ‘Dashboards’ section contains a list of dashboards associated with the selected category. Tap the desired dashboard in the ‘Dashboards’ list to open a dashboard.

How do I drill down to another chart or dashboard?
To drilldown to another chart, or dashboard, simply tap on the chart that contains the drilldown. The chart will filter as you drilldown based on the configuration of the drilldown and the value of chart chosen.

How do I logout of the App?
Click the ‘Back’ button in the top left of the App until you arrive at the category screen, then tap the ‘Log out’ button.

How do I completely quit the app?
Log out and navigate back to the server selection screen. Tap the red power symbol in the bottom left portion of the screen.

I installed the App, but I can’t connect to my iDashboards server. Why?
The most common reason is that the tablet does not have network access to the iDashboards installation. If your iDashboards installation is located on your company’s network, you will most likely need to have your tablet connected to that network in order to access iDashboards. Many organizations have a public Wi-Fi network that is separate from their internal network. Please contact your network administrator for more details.

Another possible reason maybe that the correct URL for your iDashboards installation is not configured in your App. Check with the individuals responsible for the iDashboards installation to ensure you’re using the proper URL.

Finally, you need a username and password for your iDashboards installation unless you have a Guest User license for iDashboards, which doesn’t require a user login session.

Can I administer my iDashboards server with the App?
No. The App is not designed for administering an iDashboards server. However, some administrative tasks can be performed on your device through a web browser by pointing it to the Administrator application of your iDashboards server. You will need administrative privileges to your server in order to login and perform these tasks. File uploads are not supported on the devices.

What are the known limitations of this App release?
iDashboards for Android supports most iDashboards Enterprise Suite functionality, including Analytics, Reports, Alerts and video panels. In addition, the following functionality is supported in this release: Interactive Intelligence, chart legends, input parameters, custom maps, and advanced chart types. The Alerts Dashboard and chart animation are currently unsupported features.

What languages does this App support?
iDashboards for Android supports only English.

For which version of the App is this FAQ written?
This FAQ will always be for the most recent version of the iDashboards for Android App. Please download the most recent version of the product from Google Play Store.