DEVICES Dashboards wherever you are

iDashboards Technology & Devices

With a collection of technologies as simple as HTML5 in browser to our optionally installed desktop or mobile applications, iDashboards provides an overall great user experience. So whether you’re in the office, at home or in transit, all the information you need is displayed beautifully at your fingertips.

iDashboards for Macs & PCs

Regardless if you’re a Mac or PC fan, iDashboards offers multiple ways to interact with your data on both laptops and desktop computers. Easily build dashboards using our lightweight Desktop Application or skip the installation if you already have a browser with Adobe Flash Player. Quickly share your favorite dashboards using either method above or try any HTML5 browser for an interactive dashboard experience.

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iDashboards for Tablets

On your tablet, you can interact and view dashboards using any HTML5 browser. Alternatively, you can download the iDashboards Apple or Android app and get all the information you need to make informed decisions.

iDashboards for Phones

iDashboards works with all your mobile devices including smart phones. For the best viewing experience, utilize our “Phone Mode” through any HTML5 browser. Here, you can flip through each dashboard using special frame-by-frame charts or graphs. No download or installations needed!

Tech Specs

No matter how you wish to interact with the dashboards, you’ll require a basic network or internet connection for On-Premises or Cloud implementations respectively.

Build dashboards


  • Computer (PC or Mac)
  • Any browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.)– all other modern browsers with Flash
  • Player Plugin enabled



  • Computer (PC or Mac)
  • Adobe AIR 14.0+
  • 2.33GHz+ x86-compatibleprocessor or Intel atom 1.6Hz+processor for netbook class devices
  • 512MB+ of RAM

View dashboards


  • Any device (i.e. computer, smart phone, tablet, television)
  • Any browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.)– all other modern browsers with Flash



  • Android Tablet
  • Android 2.2+



  • Apple iPad 2+ recommended
  • iOS 4.0+