Data Connections Connect with your data

Imagine it: All your data, KPIs, and metrics in a single view! With iDashboards, you can create a dashboard (or a fleet of dashboards) that connects with all your favorite data sources. Below are just a few of our most popular data connectors.

Data Connections:

Data connection - Access
iDashboards Connection - Amazon Aurora
iDashboards Data Connection - Amazon RDS
iDashboards Data Connection Amazon RedShift
iDashboards Connector Andar 360
iDashboards Connector - Apache Cassandra
iDashboards Connector - Apache Derby
iDashboards Connection AS/400
iDashboards Connection Banner by Ellucian
iDashboards Connector - C-Tree ACE
iDashboards Connectors - IBM DB2
iDashboards Connectors - dBase
iDashboards Data Connector - Epic
iDashboards Excel Data Connection
iDashboards Data Connection - Facebook
Data Connection - FileMaker Pro
iDashboards Connection - Firebird
iDashboards Connection - Google Analytics
iDashboards Connection - Google Cloud SQL
Data Connection Google Sheets
iDashboards Connection - Hive
Data Connection - iAuditor
iDashboards Connection - Jenzabar
iDashboards Connection - Jira
iDashboards Connection - Mailchimp
iDashboards Connection - MariaDB
Data Connection - Meditech
iDashboards Connection - Microsoft Azure
iDashboards Connection - Microsoft Dynamics CRM
iDashboards Connection - MongoDB
Data Connections - Microsoft SQL Server
iDashboards Connection - MySQL
Data Connections - Office 365
Data Connection - SSAS OLAP Cubes
Data Connection - Oracle
Data Connection - Oracle PeopleSoft
Data Connection - Pervasive
Data Connection - PostgreSQL
Data connection - Quandl
Data Connection - QuickBooks Desktop
Data Connection - QuickBooks Online
Data connection - RSS Feed
Data Connection Sage
Data Connection - Salesforce
Data Connection - SAP Hana
Data Connection - Service Now
Data Connection - Smartsheet Enterprise
Data Connection - Sugar CRM
Data Connections - Sybase
Data Connections - TeraData
Data connection - TruckMate
iDashboards Data Connector - CSV
Data Connection - JDBC
Data Connection - Text Files
Data Connection - XML

and more…