Customer Story Virtual Corporation offers added value with iDashboards

Virtual Corporation

Virtual Corporation is a business continuity consulting and software company. While assisting organizations with all aspects of their continuity program, Virtual Corporation has helped numerous organizations ensure recovery from business disruptions by designing and implementing sustainable continuity programs. Focused on delivering knowledge, opposed to just a service, Virtual Corporation has become a leading implementer of enterprise continuity programs. While offering business impact analysis, site vulnerability assessments, crisis management, incident command exercises and drills, continuity program design and implementation, Business Continuity Maturity Model assessments and continuity exercise facilitation, Virtual Corporation has stayed ahead of the constantly changing standards for business continuity, always providing clients with professional, high-quality service.


Virtual Corporation’s Sustainable Planner is an affordable solution that empowers continuity managers to implement a sustainable process to build, update, and maintain their own continuity plans. Virtual Corporation felt their clients would benefit from a dashboard solution that would provide real-time data visualization to enhance the dynamic data captured and reporting capabilities of Sustainable Planner. Due to the quick time to market and specialized expertise that comes along with third party integration, Virtual Corporation began looking for dashboard software that matched Sustainable Planner’s core advantages over its competitors: simplicity, flexibility, and adaptability.

The iDashboards team was very cooperative, investing considerable time working with our technical staff to come up with the perfect solution for us.

Scott W. Ream,
President, Virtual Corporation


Virtual Corporation selected iDashboards OEM Partner Program because of the functionality, pricing structure, strong technical support, and the program’s ability to complement the strengths of Sustainable Planner. iDashboards intuitive interface, build of charts and dashboards, tools for design, and end-user simplicity ultimately proved to be a perfect companion to Sustainable Planner and the dynamic data structure it contains. Virtual Corporation was able to work closely with the iDashboards team to gracefully and fluidly execute the integration while providing their clients with the best product possible.


Since the integration of iDashboards into Sustainable Planner v3.0, branded as “SP Analytics”, Virtual Corporation has provided to numerous organizations. Partnered with Sustainable Planner, iDashboards’ award-winning software is being leveraged to pull data from a range of sources, including PeopleSoft, MS SQL, and Oracle to monitor metrics and KPIs related to organizational resilience, broader operations planning, business continuity, emergency and crisis management, physical and cyber security assessment, supply chain risk and resiliency, IT disaster recovery, and risk management. Through partnering with iDashboards, Virtual Corporation has gained a definite “value-add” to their solution and continues to provide long-term value to its clients.