Customer Story Out-of-the-box solution leads to enhanced offering for Verisae


Verisae is a leading provider of software solutions that optimize and allow for the continuous improvement of service processes for mobile workforces. With over 25 years of experience, Verisae provides productivity solutions for field service organizations, building scheduling and dispatch solutions and enabling mobile field communication for their customers in the utility, telecommunications, manufacturing, retail, insurance, medical, and general field service industries.

*Formerly ViryaNet, Inc.


In order to better serve current users and attract new customers, Verisae was looking for a business intelligence (BI) dashboard solution that would provide their customers with an easy-to-use and interactive framework for building performance management dashboards that could be displayed anytime, anywhere. However, developing a data visualization tool in-house can be complicated, costly, and time-consuming.

Instead, Verisae made the smart decision to find a best-of-breed dashboard platform that could be integrated with their existing solutions, saving the company both time and money. Verisae needed a dashboard solution that could:

  • Easily integrate with their mobile workforce management solution
  • Be user-friendly for non-technical business users
  • Provide interactive data visualization
  • Create up-to-date, personalized dashboards

iDashboards helped us construct our Performance Management Framework, including a wide package of out-of-the-box KPIs, charts, and dashboards, bringing increased business value to our customers by allowing visibility, visualization, and analysis of their mobile workforce management data. As a result, our customers are able to foster continuous improvement and more efficiently realize their objectives.

Anna Litvak,
Director of Performance Management, Verisae


After reading Gartner articles, reviewing expert recommendations, and conducting an extensive web search, Verisae selected iDashboards OEM Partner Program because of the program’s solid foundation built upon account management, technical services, marketing, support, and training. Through this partnership, Verisae was able to integrate the iDashboards software with their own offering, providing their users with enterprise-class dashboards, a highly graphical interface, and easy-to-use design functionality.

iDashboards’ award-winning software allowed Verisae to create dynamic, customizable dashboards leveraging features, such as: interactive intelligence, analytics, unlimited drilldowns, filters, and pivots. Additionally, the integration allowed Verisae to easily connect to and pull information from SQL, Oracle, and Excel in order to build robust dashboards fueled by multiple data sources and update key metrics in real-time.


Verisae’s partnership with iDashboards has been a driving force in the creation of Verisae’s integrated approach that focuses on customers’ business objectives, enabling them to get the value they expect from Verisae’s mobile workforce management solution. Verisae’s Performance Management Framework provides users with custom key performance indicators (KPIs), charts, and dashboards. Since the integration of iDashboards, Verisae has been able to bring added value to their customers with an out-of-the-box solution that provides visualization and analysis of their mobile workforce management data. Field service organizations are now able to track workforce management KPIs related to productivity, work effectiveness, operational analysis, as well as demand and impact analysis at-a-glance. Between iDashbaords’ mobile features and Verisae’s mobile workforce management solution, customers can view up-to-date dashboards anytime.

With iDashboards’ hands-on training, maintenance, and annual users conference, Verisae is able to stay on top of the latest dashboard trends without draining internal resources, saving time and money while helping attract new prospects and drive additional sales.