Customer Story University of North Dakota eliminates data overload with iDashboards

University of North Dakota

Located in Grand Forks, the University of North Dakota (UND) is the state’s oldest university, established in 1883, and is one of the largest with more than 15,000 students and 225 fields of study. As a top research university, UND is known for their studies and scholarships in health sciences, energy and the environment, aerospace and entrepreneurship.


Like many universities and colleges, UND struggled with data overload. Overwhelmed with fact books and static reporting, they searched for a solution that would make their data visually appealing and interactive, allowing them to make data-driven decisions. Every week, Lori Lindenberg, UND Research Analyst, put together a 45-page report filled with different metrics that only the Assistant Vice President of Admissions and Financial Aid would read because everyone else found it too overwhelming. UND needed a better way to access all of their available data.

“Before iDashboards, I was creating a 45-page report every week with different metrics, but for most people, it was information overload. Now, we didn’t really lose the data that was available in that report. We just made it faster and easier to use – thanks to iDashboards.”

Lori Lindenberg
UND Research Analyst, University of North Dakota


UND had different systems, databases and spreadsheets containing data that would all be used within the dashboards. They needed a dashboard solution that would be easy for different departments to use internally, along with the capability to publish dashboards on the external website. UND turned to iDashboards because of the dynamic, easy-to-build, visually engaging dashboard solution it provided.


UND began implementation of iDashboards across multiple departments. They utilize dashboards to provide visual information to recruiters regarding pre-enrollment numbers to track progress for prospects and applicants. Specifically, they compare the number of students in different stages of admission (applicant, admitted and withdrawn) to past data. UND also uses dashboards to compare data about student academics, including GPA from year to year and demographics, such as geography, diversity and ethnicity. Currently, they also utilize iDashboards in the admissions, alumni and some academic departments. As they improve and streamline their dashboards, UND continues to find additional needs for dashboards and is still experiencing numerous benefits. They can now better prioritize data to be shown, and staff are more enthusiastic about the data.