Customer Story Maintaining continuous improvement through performance dashboards

The Virtual Center of Excellence

The Virtual Center of Excellence (VCE) was established in 2006 through a collaboration between the Detroit-Wayne County Community Mental Health Agency (D-WCCMHA) and The Guidance Center. The VCE was created to develop and preserve well-trained, quality, behavioral health professionals in order to foster the continuous improvement of reliable care. VCE provides mental health and substance abuse professionals with the most up-to-date information regarding coalition building, education, training and science-based practices.


Being heavily involved in the behavioral health professional workforce, VCE tracks and stores a significant amount of data. Without the help of dashboards, vital information regarding the professional development process is difficult to monitor; resulting in limited insight into key performance indicators. VCE required a dashboard system that would add value to their data and provide the insight necessary to improve performance and accountability.

“We have a huge database and iDashboards helps us look at our data in a valuable way.”

Sheila Blair
Project Manager, The Virtual Center of Excellence


Based on recommendations, VCE immediately knew iDashboards’ interactive intelligence, charts and graphs would display data in a more efficient and intuitive manner. With iDashboards, VCE was able to consolidate data from their SQL server and transform it into easy to read, customized dashboards. Drilldown capabilities and what-if analytics have enabled VCE to make more informed decisions in real-time regarding KPis such as class registrations, training course completions and overall service utilization.


Currently, VCE has approximately 50 employees, ranging from top executives to administrators, that use iDashboards on a daily basis and the organization has future plans to expand licenses to include additional users. VCE has utilized iDashboards to develop several behavioral health dashboards including claims, demographics, events, executive and training information in order to improve the decision-making process. For example, based on their dashboards VCE is able to forecast that 25% of the behavioral health professionals will retire within the next 15 years, based on this information they are able to start planning and recruiting now.


VCE has also created a User Training Dashboard that tracks total registered users, organizations by members, completions by organizations and courses, and registered members with no course completions. This dashboard is helping the organization ensure that all trainings and certifications are up-to -date, contributing to the development of high-quality behavioral health professionals.


With iDashboards at-a-glance features, VCE and their stakeholders (D-WCCMHA, The Guidance Center and other participating organizations) can clearly monitor performance results and take a proactive approach in achieving continuous improvement.