Customer Story Swisslog integrates dynamic dashboards for a sophisticated edge


Swisslog is a global supplier of healthcare automation with a comprehensive portfolio of services. With over 2,000 employees in 20+ countries, Swisslog is well-known for their extensive experience in developing material handling and mediation management solutions for hospitals and pharmacies, as well as building complex warehouses and distribution centers. With a growing customer base in over 50 countries, and more than $900 million in revenue, Swisslog has proven to be a first choice provider for healthcare solutions.


Based on feedback from legacy inventory management software users, Swisslog discovered that traditional reports left users dissatisfied with either too little information, too much information, or were difficult to decipher; leaving users unable to take action. While developing MedPortal Inventory Management Software, Swisslog decided to take an analytical approach to reporting, enabling customers to interact more easily with the data presented.

As MedPortal was developed, Swisslog identified a need for a strong data visualization component. To develop the desired visual reporting functionality, the Swisslog software development team decided to partner with a leader in dashboard software.

There was no comparison in terms of functionality and ease-of-use. The ‘wow’ factor that iDashboards has is impressive and we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what we can do with the software.

Jessica Schneider,
Product Manager, Pharmacy Solutions


Swisslog required a dashboard solution that would provide a seamless integration with the newly developed MedPortal Software, and was also user-friendly for both developers and end users. Not only did the solution need to be scalable, it also needed to relay data in a highly graphical, sophisticated, yet easy-to-read format.

After evaluating several different options, Swisslog chose the iDashboards OEM Partner Program based on the program’s long-running success, effective integrations with a variety of markets, and multiple client references.


Through the combined effort of the iDashboards support team and Swisslog developers, Swisslog created rich, interactive dashboards using their SQL database and integrated them within the MedPortal Software, utilizing single sign-on functionality. With these dashboards, Swisslog is able to track client inventory values, dispense discrepancies, supplier spending, inventory usage, and dispense volume.

With iDashboards now a standard component of the MedPortal System, the program has received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from current and prospective clients. The Swisslog sales team is proud of the capabilities and enhanced sophistication that the integration of iDashboards has added to their solution and often notice that it drives productive discussion.

After successfully integrating iDashboards within MedPortal, Swisslog decided to advance their incorporation of iDashboards with its TransLogic Pneumatic Tube System (PTS) Software, which — when launched — will offer thousands of customers with the benefits of real-time dashboards. Swisslog continues to look for innovative ways to leverage iDashboards and provide clients with actionable data.