Customer Story Technology company gains a competitive edge with iDashboards OEM program

Spruce Computer System, Inc.

Spruce Computer Systems, Inc. is a cutting-edge technology company specializing in the creation of modern software exclusively for lumber, hardware, and building materials dealers. With multiple locations in New York, Wisconsin, and England, Spruce supports over 14,000 national and international users and continues to broaden its customer base with outstanding software support and advanced technologies.


Since opening their doors in 1985, Spruce has continued to push innovative ideas and find new ways to meet their customers’ needs. In 2004, Spruce launched an updated software package which introduced a platform change from Unix to Windows in order to stay ahead of the competition. Later in 2006, with the rising popularity of business intelligence and dashboards, Spruce decided to incorporate a dashboard component to give them a competitive edge.

“The iDashboards’ product is stable, gave us every feature imaginable, and displays incredibly well. It sells itself.

Wendy Hitchcock
Programmer, Spruce Computer Systems, Inc.


Initially, Spruce wanted to build an in-house dashboard solution and laid out a list of features they found necessary to incorporate. While conducting exploratory research, Spruce became familiar with the iDashboards OEM Partner Program. After careful evaluation, it became evident that integrating iDashboards with their technology would require significantly less resources and would provide more functionality than building a solution in-house.

iDashboards cost-effective OEM Partner pricing structure, turnkey program options, product functionality, design features, chart and map libraries and role-based security surpassed Spruce’s expectations.


During the initial implementation, Spruce struggled with manipulating iDashboards in a way that would allow the software to blend in as part of Spruce Ware Net. With the help of iDashboards’ Support Team, a solution was quickly found allowing them to effectively display the information while providing the sense of unity Spruce was looking for,­ showcasing iDashboards’ versatility.

Becoming an iDashboards partner has allowed Spruce to sync their SQL database with iDashboards and create engaging dashboards that display their clients’ KPIs. For example, one dashboard could track the varying types of documents created by users such as POs, invoices, and orders.

The addition of a dashboard platform to their core offering has contributed to Spruce’s current success. The dynamic dashboards grab the attention of their prospects and practically sell the product itself, providing Spruce with a competitive edge.