Customer Story Manufacturer reduces waste by $1 Million annually

Sleep Innovations

Sleep Innovations is an all American company that produces quality products that maximize comfort, relaxation and rejuvenation. Their products are sold directly at large scale retailers, direct to consumer and to other manufacturers for use in high-end therapeutic support mattresses. They constantly strive for innovation and look for new technology, creative designs and unconventional materials that make for a better, more restful sleeping experience. Sleep Innovations specializes in advanced mattresses, mattress toppers, pillows and other comfort solutions.


Sleep Innovations realized the need for a dashboard solution to help track sales and operational metrics in order to maintain their high quality standards. They required a system that was easy to use, displayed close to real-time data and delivered value at an affordable price.

“iDashboards provided us with true value for our investment. It’s simple to use, quick to implement and allows us to easily understand our data.”

Bruce Miller
Vice President of Lean Manufacturing, Sleep Innovations


Experiencing significant growth and having recently been acquired by Sun Capital, Sleep Innovations required a dashboard solution that was large enough to sustain their needs but was still easy to use. They needed a solution with the ability to support multiple data structures, including their JD Edwards ERP.


With this in mind, Sleep Innovations purchased iDashboards because of its ease of use, flexibility and ability to connect to multiple data structures. After a successful implementation, iDashboards’ solution provided the company with real-time insight into their data and transformed complex metrics into easy-to-read dashboards.


After completing iDashboards’ onsite training program, Sleep Innovations was equipped with the information to begin a large-scale dashboard initiative. Through a combined effort of iDashboards’ Professional Services and Sleep Innovations’ commitment to creating a company-wide dashboard solution made the initial phases of the project successful.


The real-time operations dashboards have allowed Sleep Innovations to reduce scrap waste by over $1 million annually through yield optimization. The VP of Lean Operations and Plant Managers meet daily to discuss production and quality control while using dashboards as their primary tool. The ability to proactively visualize measurements has allowed them to focus on the root cause of waste and develop countermeasures.


Sleep Innovations was able to implement dashboards in scrap, sales, margin, invoice, production, operations, finance, OTC and inventory management. With these dashboards, Sleep Innovations can create height targets with upper and lower limits to ensure the correct measurements and maintain their high-quality standards.