Customer Story iDashboards superior graphics make data presentation ready

RG Barry

Founded in 1947, RG Barry is a leader in developing footwear, handbags and foot care. With a diverse range of products, RG Barry merchandise can be found in retail stores, boutiques, department stores and websites across the country. With a solution-oriented goal to make life better, RG Barry has continually evolved throughout its 65-year history into a multi-line, multi-dimensional industry leader.


Seeking a solution to convey information in a concise and impactful way for internal employees and external customers, RG Barry began researching a dashboard solution to help drive the decision-making process. The
dashboard software had to be compatible with their Simparel (ERP) data source, as well as all their Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

“iDashboards is the best tool for data visualization. As business users we are in full control of the dashboard, reports, KPI building and administration. We have everything we needed along with superior graphics.”

Jason Atwood,
Channel Manager, RG Barry


After comparing several dashboard providers, RG Barry was impressed with iDashboards functionality; the simple right-click menu provided the ease-of-use the company was seeking. With an end-goal of sharing the information displayed in their dashboards, RG Barry purchased iDashboards X Platform for its impactful presentation capabilities as well as the long-term support provided by iDashboards.


After implementation, more than 15 Sales Executives are using iDashboards on a weekly basis. RG Barry now shares dashboards with external stakeholders, presenting POS, inventory, and margin and store information.  Utilizing iDashboards exceptional graphics and reporting capabilities, RG Barry uses dashboards in presentations to many retail customers.  Just a few, short months after implementing iDashboards, RG Barry has identified and highlighted new growth opportunities for the company.