Customer Story iDashboards software helps Park District of Oak Park see the bigger picture

Park District of Oak Park

The Park District of Oak Park (PDOP) serves the recreational needs of the 52,000 residents of Oak Park, IL, providing nearly 3,000 recreation programs and special events annually.


Park District of Oak Park found that the excessive time spent manually manipulating data was extremely inefficient. The lack of an effective system to collect and visualize data in a timely manner affected their ability to make smarter decisions that would improve performance on their mission and strategic initiatives. In recognizing the need for real-time information, a flexible reporting system was needed to allow for easier data collection and visualization.

“Before we integrated Dashboards, we were spending a lot of time manually collecting data with no way to turn those numbers into something measurable. Dashboards have been an exceptional tool for us and the insight that it has given has been critical in streamlining our processes and becoming more efficient in our day-to-day tasks.”

Bobbi Nance
Project Manager, Park District of Oak Park


To help enhance their analytical capabilities and data collection, PDOP chose to implement iDashboards’ data visualization solution. iDashboards allows PDOP to consolidate multiple data sources into one centralized, easy-to-access platform. The dashboard also provides PDOP with tools to quickly run analytics and manipulate the parameters within any dashboard for reporting capabilities.

More importantly, the government dashboards provide at-a-glance insight for PDOP to immediately identify trends and quickly drilldown into data to gain enhanced perspectives on what is working and what is not.


Since the implementation of iDashboards, staff at all levels of PDOP are able to use the easily accessible and visually appealing data to make smarter decisions about how to better serve the community. The dashboard displays information in an objective and quantifiable way that helps the organization see and understand not only their successes, but also their pain points and areas in need of improvement.


The implementation of iDashboards has already been critical in helping PDOP improve their information management and quickly identify trends at-a-glance. With just the click of a couple buttons, PDOP employees can now see that they met 23 out of 37 total performance measures in 2014, with an additional three measures less than 10 percent from their target. They can also see that they had a record-setting year in program registrations with 29,364, and saw a tremendous increase in website visits—particularly from mobile devices, demonstrating the need for PDOP to pay special attention to the mobile version of its website. The dashboard also illustrated that PDOP served an additional 815 households in 2014 versus 2013—bringing household participation to 30 percent, and had a 25 percent increase in scholarships distributed.


Where this data may have taken weeks—or months—to accumulate and analyze before, with iDashboards, PDOP is able to collect and review this data within minutes—effectively improving efficiency and allowing PDOP to make timely business decisions to improve programs that are off track.


After experiencing such a tremendous amount of success with iDashboards internally, PDOP decided to make their dashboards public-facing. This effort to be more transparent with their results—both successes and shortcomings—has similarly provided the citizens of Oak Park with enhanced insight into the performance of their park’s district in a visually appealing, easy-to-use manner.