Customer Story NAL is finding a whole new visual world of possibilities

Native American Logistics

Native American Logistics (NAL) is a transportation and logistics service provider, operating from several offices in North America and headquartered in Troy, Michigan. NAL specializes in supply chain optimization, warehousing, multi-modal transportation, and exceeding customer expectation through exceptional service.


Before iDashboards, Native American Logistics had good data, but no good way to view it. They had relied on data dumps from their transportation management system that were difficult to read and not visually appealing. Reports were a jumbled number-strewn mess, bland and lacking the appeal needed to engage employees and properly communicate the data. Additionally, they were unable to get timely insight to their metrics. Quarterly reviews might take 3 weeks to get into the correct hands, at which point the next quarter was well underway.

 “Our primary reporting source was a TMS, transportation management system. We take data based on on-time reports, in-transit reports, financial reports… and really, it’s an ugly dump of garbage.”

Nick Myers 
IT Director, Native American Logistics


NAL had a goal to bring their reporting into a new visual dimension. They needed a logistics dashboard solution to take their large amount of data and quickly and efficiently create presentation-ready visuals. They engaged with iDashboards and discovered almost instantly that it could not only help them meet their goal, the software opened new possibilities of data sharing and customer service.

Within 15 minutes, the iDashboards team was able to create a dashboard that delivered that same information from the reports to which NAL was accustomed, but in a timely and visually engaging format. Better yet, the dashboard could update in real time, so the NAL is always communicating the most up-to-date information to their front-line employees.


iDashboards set off a chain reaction at Native American Logistics. As data dashboards were shared throughout the office, the endless possibilities of the software began to reveal themselves. Internal metrics related to sales and fulfillment are tracked and shared, and there’s a new level of trust in the data.

NAL is also investigating the option of creating customer-facing dashboards. These would be specialized digital reports which, with the use of geocoding, would allow their customers to track shipments and follow every data point related to their most important projects.With the flexibility of both the user interface as well as the iDashboards licensing model, NAL is finding a whole new visual world of possibilities.