Customer Story More effective tracking and evaluation of KPIs through iDashboards

IZSLER – Brescia, Italy

The Lombardy and Emilia Romanga Experimental Zootechnic Institute (IZSLER) is a large public Agency of the Italian National Health Services. IZSLER acts as an independent branch of the National Health Service, cooperating with organisations throughout the region to regulate veterinary services and provide guidance on the health and wellness of animals. The Institute offers several services such as diagnostic testing, consulting on animal breeding and diseases management, research activities, and epidemiological surveillance.


Dr. Federico Scali (PhD, DVM at IZSLER) and Sergio Sardo (Migra, iDashboards partner) spoke to discuss how iDashboards was a game-changer in IZSLER’s approach to consultancy services by providing gorgeous interactive dashboards, easy understandable for professionals with different expertise.


Before iDashboards, IZSLER was using (by their own admission) rather basic tools for data collection and visualization. The company was gathering and reporting data manually, which wasted enormous amounts of time and created delays in both internal and external communications. Worse still, the Institute only had access to data and information that was too detailed and specific, and lacked a tool to aggregate data at the local, regional and national levels. This made it challenging for IZSLER to effectively share information between activities and employees on the ground with top levels of management. To make things worse, IZSLER was relying on the Office suite to perform basic statistical analysis and produce paper reports. They struggled to create meaningful reporting and combine data coming from different sources.


Management needed to receive synthesized, engaging visualizations to keep track of KPIs and results. IZSLER needed a solution able to consolidate data from different sources. Overall, they needed a convenient and automated solution to smooth their data process.

The advantage of using iDashboards is the opportunity to make interactive dashboards in which the user can browse and look for specific information. Upper management is now able to piece together information coming from different applications… iDashboards makes it easy to integrate data from different sources.

Sergio Sardo
iDashboards Partner
Federico Scali


Between 2011 and 2012, IZSLER evalutated iDashboards against other two similar solutions. The company ultimately selected to leverage iDashboards for the following reasons:

  • Dashboards are always up-to-date, showing real-time data
  • Easy data visualization and communication
  • Automated data elaboration and visualization
  • Integration of different databases
  • Ability for the user to drill down from aggregated information to specific data points
  • Ability to create different users’ categories that have access to different dashboards


Motivated by the need to completely modernize and revolutionize their data collection, reporting and visualization, IZSLER is today a power user of iDashboards, counting more than 180 dashboards. Thanks to the implementation of iDashboards, IZSLER was able to automate the workload of 4 full-time employees out of a group of 20. This means that their workforce can focus on other relevant tasks, making the best use of the company’s resources.


Best of all, iDashboards facilitates IZSLER’s efforts towards transparency and informational coherence, enabling smooth internal and external communication and more effective tracking and evaluation of KPIs.