Customer Story Glen Raven Inc. increases efficiency with real-time desktop dashboards

Glen Raven Inc.

Glen Raven Inc. originated in North Carolina in 1880 and has paved the way in performance fabrics by being one of the first to dye textiles, adopt synthetic fibers, and build knitting and weaving operations. Their continued strive for innovation has helped them advance as a global leader in performance fabrics. Glen Raven has become one of the nation’s largest distributors of fabrics, hardware, and finishing supplies. Today, Glen Raven remains committed to providing the most innovative fabric-based solutions with the utmost quality and integrity while serving automotive, awning, geosynthetics, furniture, industrial, marine, military, and protective markets.


Glen Raven Inc. desired a dashboard software that had the capabilities to present complex data sets in a clear, efficient manner to management and other consumers of data. They needed a solution that could be supported on desktops, as well as mobile devices, and required minimal training for the development team and end users. During the research and decision-making process, they weighted several dashboard solutions but decided iDashboards had the most intuitive look and feel and fit best with their development expertise.

Our end users are very excited by the product. It is visually appealing. Since we are now able to consolidate data onto dashboards, end users have a clear understanding as to what is happening with aspects of our business.

Nathan Aaron,
Database Administrator, Glen Raven Inc.

Solution & Implementation

iDashboards has been well-received with end users based on its ease of use and intuitive interface. Employees in all departments — ranging from staff, managers, and executives — now use iDashboards on a daily basis to track and measure waste, financial data, plant operations information, and more. Users can now view reports, perform analytics, and receive real-time alerts to their desktops — enabling them to be up-to-date at all times.