Customer Story Excel Technologies Supports Real-Time COVID-19 Analysis for Local Economy Reopening

Excel Technologies

Excel Technologies is a Virgina-based business of hard-working individuals delivering leading-edge information and mission solutions that safeguard our national security. They provide Information Technology, Consulting, and Engineering Services; focusing on Data Visualization and Analysis, Emergency Management, Cybersecurity and Software Development.


In response to COVID-19, Excel has recently embarked on project BRAID (Bringing Reliable Actionable Information and Data), a data visualization effort that supports their leading role within the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Fairfax County Business Emergency Operations Center (BEOC). As they work to coordinate response and recovery planning among the BEOC’s business community and government officials, they are using iDashboards to determine risk levels and recommend conditions for the preparation of safely opening back up the economy.

Excel found the county needed an integrated data analytics and visual system that would allow them to understand the risks and trade-offs for different reopening strategies and policy decisions, without exploiting resources. As a major suburban county close to a major US city, massive data amounts and data siloes posed a challenge for breaking down how health decisions impacted economic and business decisions. By volunteering their time and resources, Excel has been working with the county to provide the information they need to make data-based decisions.

“Fairfax County government is using this data to best combat the COVID-19 outbreak, determine the best way to return to normal operations, and to monitor the new outbreaks of COVID-19 as the county moves forward.”

Deb Yamanaka
CEO, Excel Technologies

Ensuring the community has accurate and timely data as it relates to the impact of COVID-19

To meet the BEOC’s important goals of focused and timely communications, Excel leveraged dashboards across various levels of analysis and critical metrics of concern.

County administrators will be able to see where risk was highest in their jurisdiction; enabling them to locate mobile testing centers, seek out additional risk information, and visualize where to monitor after reopening.

This first series of visualizations shows risks of COVID-19 to different districts within the county related to economic and social conditions. They identified six variables that may have an impact on potential transmission of the Coronavirus and cases of COVID-19:

  • Housing (e.g. multi-family versus single family)
  • Population Age Structure (e.g. % of population over 65)
  • Percent of district acreage designated industrial or commercial
  • Income
  • Below the poverty line

Excel then combined these measures to create a risk score that showed, for each sub-county district, the potential for virus spread and COVID-19 cases – visually representing each layer on a map

Display the number of workers in the county who work in high-contact occupations.

When more data becomes available, Excel wants to fit this data into the overall risk profile for different districts

Identify commercial districts at risk and how County efforts can target their report to the Pandemic. 

Excel Tech is building out this dashboards to show how country small-business assistance funds are being distributed (e.g. location, demographics of recipients, etc.). The analysis will expand to show visualizations of small-business clusters and use various data across local tax returns and commercial licensing.

Navigating next steps through reliable, integrated data sources

As Excel Technologies continues their diligent work to support the fellow members and leaders of their community, they find passion in leading with data and information accessibility. During this difficult time they both want, and see the opportunity with iDashboards, to bridge data gaps that will foster timely decision-making processes for leaders. Excel is a leading demonstration of perseverance in the face of adversity, and they remain hopeful their collaborative efforts will bring impact to a county they are proud to be part of.