Customer Story iDashboards has ushered in a new era of data transparency and accessibility at EMI


Experi-Metal (EMI) is a low-volume manufacturer of metal parts and prototypes for the mobility industry. For more than 55 years, they have been a leader in the metalworks industry, innovating products and parts for automotive and aerospace with a blend of handcraftsmanship and advanced automation. Along with their sister company, Quality Metalcraft (QMC), they leverage decades of engineering expertise to bring revolutionary design concepts to life.


In the prototype industry, rapid data-supported decision making is critical. Unfortunately, their old reporting just wasn’t delivering the accurate, timely data they needed to be digesting. Relying on data dumps from their ERP system was not only too-little too-late, it was a strain on resources. Experi-Metal was devoting between 60 to 70 hours a week preparing and analyzing the data and creating reports that were ultimately untimely.

“Our jobs may only last three months. If we have to wait 30 days to look at the data, and another 15 to analyze it and react to it, ship’s already sailed.”

Eric Bitel 


It was clear that EMI required a tool that could manage their flow of data quickly, but create dynamic visual reports with minimal effort. iDashboards stood out in a field of solutions due to the software’s flexibility, ease of use, and repeatable processes. They were able to easily load their data into the iDashboards interface and build dashboards that engaged their end users, while also refreshing in real-time.

Many of EMI’s employees work in non-traditional spaces without access to computers. That’s why they decided to implement Wall Displays throughout their manufacturing floor, so that employees at every level can keep tabs on the metrics that matter to their job function, sparking transparency and enhanced accountability. According to Dave Maschke, General Manager at EMI, having the Wall Displays in common work spaces is “like looking at their scorecard. They can quickly assess, ‘Did we win yesterday? Do we need to do something different today?’”


Since engaging with iDashboards, EMI has seen a complete transformation in the way they do business. With the availability of real-time data to employees at all levels, they are able to identify issues as they arise and correct course quickly. This nimble maneuvering has allowed them to increase revenue, decrease waste and error, and reduce strain on personnel.

“Without a doubt, last year would have been a loss year without iDashboards.”

David Maschke
General Manager,

iDashboards has ushered in a new era of data transparency and accessibility at EMI. Monotonous meetings full of speculation have been replaced with data-fueled working sessions that get to the heart of their operations. Employees at every level are connected with their metrics, and can clearly see how their work impacts the overall success of the organization. It’s no wonder that Dave told us, “Honestly, I could never go back to not having this as a resource.”