Customer Story Dashboards Provide the Insight Necessary for Policy Development and Enhanced Decision-Making

Dubai Statistics Center (DSC)

Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) specializes in the creation and development of modern, comprehensive, statistical systems. DSC is the official, and only, source for the collection, analysis and publication of statistical information and data in the Emirate of Dubai – United Arab Emirates, UAE. The data and statistics provided by DSC serve as the basis of planning and decision-making amongst government leadership and the business community. Additionally, their statistical information and database covers all business activities.


The importance of statistical information was becoming increasingly important to leading officials in the Emirate of Dubai, and a shift was developing resulting in the use of statistical data in policy development, decision making, planning and improved strategic activities. Massive amounts of data were scattered throughout each business sector in the Emirate presenting a number of challenges in acquiring and delivering the right data to the right member of management. In response to this growing desire for data, the Dubai Statistical Center needed to develop a new project in order to close this gap and deliver data through an intuitive platform.


The organization desired a platform that could be used to provide a variety of internal, and external, stakeholders with a deeper insight into their data and equip them with the tools needed for improved decision-making. The center utilized several different data sources (Oracle, SQL and Excel) and required a platform that could pull information from these disparate sources into one centralized location. In addition, DSC needed a web-based solution that offered interactive charts, drilldown capabilities and could be rolled out to a variety of users.

iDashboards provided us with a web-based platform that is highly secured, user-friendly, and has a powerful design interface which helps deliver professional, state-of-the-art dashboards in a short period of time. With its drilldown capabilities and interactive charts, we have managed to provide decision makers in the Emirate of Dubai with the necessary statistical information and indicators needed to assist them in shaping the future of Dubai.”

Ahmad Ali Al Dashti,
Director, Information Technology Department, Dubai Statistics Center

Solution & Implementation

DSC was seeking a dashboard solution that would be easy to develop and would have a quick implementation time. Additionally, the DSC needed a web based solution that was compatible with multiple browsers, supported mobile applications and offered a high level of security controls. Before making a purchase decision the organization evaluated a number of options, including a popular business intelligence stack, but ultimately selected iDashboards Enterprise Edition based on a combination of price and performance.
iDashboards Enterprise Edition provided DSC with a customizable solution that was both adaptable and flexible enough to meet the organization’s needs. The intuitive interface allowed the center to rollout cutting edge dashboards, providing a variety of users with real-time insight into their data in a relatively short amount of time while still allowing for transparency to database sources.


iDashboards has been well received by both DSC, and the branches of government they provide statistical information to. Internally, the software is being used daily by over 76 employees, ranging from CEOs to managers, to monitor a wide variety of metrics.


Externally, the solution has been provided to every Director General of Government and Executive Leaders in Dubai. The DSC plays an essential role in supporting the Emirate of Dubai’s overall strategic plan and in assisting in their decision making on strategic, and tactical, levels throughout various sectors of their business and infrastructure. Subsequently, a variety of officials are utilizing the iDashboards solution on a daily basis to monitor both the progress of their own business sector, as well as, others. This opportunity has enhanced the understanding of not only their business, but has also provided insight into the interaction and balance between sectors allowing officials to make the best, most informed, decisions possible.


Phase one of the implementation and rollout of iDashboards has been a largely successful venture and the DSC is preparing for phase two which will target the private sector.