Customer Story Hundreds of KPIs transform into at-a-glance dashboards

Dubai Airports

Dubai Airports manages the operation and development of world-leading airports including Dubai International and Dubai World Central -Al Maktoum International. For over 50 years, Dubai Airports has been connecting the world with a first-class experience for both leisure and business customers by providing safe, secure and professional air transportation.


They are the second fastest growing airport in the world with a current growth of 20%. Last year, the airport serviced over 57.6 million passengers with a projected growth of 13% in passengers, 5% growth in aircraft movement and a 13% growth in cargo for next year.


Dubai Airports has a 5 pillar mission statement with 2 key pillars: managing growth and capacity and being number 1 in service excellence. With a rapid expansion plan well under way, Dubai Airports needed to increase their current infrastructure and capacity.


Maintaining and measuring key metrics for stakeholders became more challenging. Approximately 10 stakeholders handle each customer throughout his or her airport experience; it is important that each process be done as efficiently as possible while providing high quality service. In order to ensure top performance, Dubai Airports determined 4 key performance indicators (KPis) for each of their 107 touch points across all 3 terminals resulting in 436 KPis. With multiple touch points and numerous KPis, Dubai Airports needed to unify all the data sources into a single integrated platform for management to make collaborative decisions.

“iDashboards has played a very key role in our current airport functionality. With the touch of a button, key members of the airport, from the supervisor upwards, know how they performed for the day.”

Rimzie Ismail
Head of Services Initiatives & Customer Affairs, Dubai Airports


In Dubai Airport’s search for a new solution, they examined a handful of performance dashboard software programs. They sought a platform that was user-friendly for end users with little to no dependency on IT. With that in mind, Dubai Airports selected iDashboards which provided flexibility and dashboard customization, connectivity to multiple data sources and was referred by local clients.


iDashboards became a centralized platform which allows C-level executives,managers and staff to draw information through drilldowns, reports and real-time analytics from their data sources including Oracle, Blue Tooth, Q Metrix and Thermal Imaging systems. iDashboards’ role-based solution provides secure dashboards according to department or user preference so that each manager, or stakeholder, can view their pertinent KPIs at-a-glance.


Since the implementation of iDashboards, Dubai Airport’s terminal operations, human resources and marketing departments have been able to transform their queue management and CRM reports into real-time, dynamic dashboards.With the addition of iDashboards, they have seen an immense improvement on their service with a return on investment including: greater efficiency, increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction and better decision-making.