Customer Story Georgia institution stretches budget & resources with iDashboards

Dalton State University

Dalton State College, located in Dalton, Georgia, is the home of more than 5,000 students and 300 faculty and staff members. Dalton offers certificate and professional development programs, as well as a full array of bachelor’s and associate’s degrees. Dalton State is dedicated to providing access to a quality education to the residents of North­ west Georgia. With a goal of continuous improvement in all aspects of the organization, Dalton State strives to provide an excellent institution for learning and for teaching.


Administrators at Dalton State College previously relied on a static Fact Book to inform policy and decision-making on campus. Designed in Word and published as a PDF, the Fact Book provided data regarding faculty and staff, facilities, finances, and student support services. However, the 5,000-student institution required a more efficient data reporting system that could be updated in real-time.Administrators needed to have key data summarized and presented in a neat, accurate, visual form. With a particular interest in monitoring metrics on enrollment, student admissions, student demographic data, and student success, Dalton State College began researching dashboard solutions to meet their needs.

“Administrators can have the information they need when they need it, anytime, anywhere-especially thanks to iDashboards’ mobile apps. Administrators can use real-time data to inform decision-making.”

Henry Codjoe
Institutional Research Director, Dalton State University


After considering a number of dashboard solutions, including an education-specific business intelligence suite, Dalton State College selected iDashboards software. The economic value of iDashboards, along with its versatility and technical support team, sold Dalton State on iDashboards. The Dalton State team went through a one-week training course with an iDashboards technical consultant to learn how to build and maintain dashboards.


The simplicity of building dashboards and charts using iDashboards software allowed Dalton State to complete more than 15 customized dashboards during the training process. And just one week after the iDashboards implementation, 60 percent of the Fact Book was complete. A process that used to take up to six months now takes just weeks to finish. Dalton State now monitors higher education key performance indicators (KPIs), including enrollment, retention, graduation rates and financials with customized, best-of-breed dashboards. Because of iDashboards mobile applications, administrators now have the information they need to make informed and timely decisions. Dalton State plans to build dashboards to monitor numerous strategic plans and other institutional effectiveness projects for the organization.