Customer Story CostFlex


Alabama-based CostFlex has more than 20 years in experience in development, installation, and support of cost accounting and decision support software for more than 200 clients — including hospitals, multi-entity health organizations, and clinics.


For hospitals and other healthcare organizations, it’s not uncommon to have as many as 200 different data points (i.e. patient age, sex, zip code, diagnosis code, procedure codes, etc.) — making it difficult for decision makers to really figure out what their data is telling them.

In order to see the bigger picture and grasp what their patient data really means, many CostFlex customers sought a solution that would provide a graphical representation of their data and the ability to drill down into key metrics. For the sake of efficiency, the solution also needed to be easy for the everyday user to implement, create, and alter on the fly without having to get programmers or technical experts involved.

“Healthcare organizations deal with an incredible amount of data, and without data visualization software in place, it’s almost impossible to tell the whole story. With iDashboards, decision makers can not only see the entire picture, but also drill down into key performance indicators in an easy, seamless manner.”

Mark Ryan,
VP of Marketing, CostFlex


Understanding the need to provide their clients with an advanced visual analytics solution, CostFlex began looking into dashboard software providers to partner with as an OEM.

In order to identify the best dashboard software on the market, CostFlex undertook a rigorous vetting process of their potential partners. As part of the process, CostFlex gave their programmers a database with handwritten charts and graphs that needed to be re-created in the dashboard. The internal technical team assessing the software was able to accomplish this task in four to five days with the competition’s software. They completed the same assignment using iDashboards within 60 minutes.


After testing multiple solutions to see how they work in real-time, CostFlex ultimately decided to partner with iDashboards based on their superior ease-of-use, robust functionality, and seamless installation process.

CostFlex’s clients are already reaping the benefits. For example, a long-term care facility saw an opportunity to capture their data to make better informed business decisions. By implementing iDashboards, the facility gained clarity into where they are earning and losing money, allowing management to make strategic business decisions to improve profitability.

CostFlex is even leveraging iDashboards to help with their sales cycle. With a full suite of products and solutions available to potential clients, CostFlex can enter a room of stakeholders and show them the value of their services through easy-to-understand graphs and illustrations. For CostFlex, the value in utilizing dashboards as part of sales presentations resides in the ability to directly show how their services can help clients gain clarity into their cost accounting.